Connecting Webflow forms to a database for search

In advance I apologize for my newbie question.

I am exploring this business idea which helps recruiters find the right person within a few clicks in a large database of potential employees. In my experience as a recruiter I find it hard to find a list of people that i’m actually looking for regarding open jobs without having to read through every option that comes up with a couple of search queries.

I want jobseekers to fill in a form which takes them through a list of options from which they have to choose the right option applying to them. After getting all the required info I need this form to be uploaded in a database.

When a recruiter is looking for a specific person that fits the job, they have to be able to find a list of people so information has to be pulled back from this database.

Does anyone know of a solution or a tool for a database that I can connect to a Webflow site?

I’m hoping to create a simple mockup to check wether or not this idea is viable.

Thanks in advance,