Posting Jobs and Receiving Applications - Help

Hi all, new here - I’ve been using Webflow for about a month, I consider myself to be fairly new at this, though I’m enjoying the learning curve.

I want to set up a local job board with Webflow, I’m currently using Airtable for the database and Webflow for the content. I’m also using Airtable forms for job posts, but I’m using Webflow forms to send back to Airtable.

The reason I chose to do it that way is that I thought I could pull more information by sending the job back to Airtable from a Webflow form so I can cross-reference the form submission with the original job post.

I must have wracked up about 3 days trying to figure this out but I cannot for the life of me seem to cross ref:

  1. The job advertiser form - so the actual form advertisers fill out
  2. The job seeker application form. So the form candidates would fill in to be sent to the advertiser.

I have tried Airtable, Zapier, Make, Jotforms, Webhooks and I just cannot seem to find the right workable solution to connect the two databases in Airtable because I’m unable to reference one to the other. When posting a job, I cannot pull the ID to the form the candidate would fill in - every time I get a submission from a job seeker, I have no idea what job it’s for.

Appreciate any useful advice.