Connecting a Product to CMS Collection items

I’m planning a website for a food blogger and I wanted to know if the following is possible to do on Webflow:

  • The blogger will be selling online cooking classes, so we’re adding those to the website as products. And, within each cooking class, we want to add the list of ingredients that will be necessary to the class. Each ingredient will have info about where to buy and even nutritional information about the ingredient.

So, we’re thinking of building a CMS collection for the ingredients, with all the info we have on each of them AND THEN, connect several ingredients to each product so that we can showcase all the ingredients within the product page.

Is this possible? I know we can connect CMS collections but I can’t find anything that about connecting products to CMS collection items (emphasis on the plural).

Thank you in advance for your help :slight_smile:

Hi, I guess you want something like this? Multi-reference field | Webflow University

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Yes, use the multi-reference field in the CMS!!

But is this possible when we’re talking about products (within e-commerce)? Do e-commerce products have multi-reference fields that can connect to CMS Collections?

In these tutorials, they only mention CMS collections connecting with each other…

@piotr_k Yes, E-commerce collections can use reference fields to pull data from regular CMS collections!

This comes in quite handy with larger e-commerce sites as the CSV file upload to Webflow for e-commerce products does not allow for field mapping atm. Whereas, it does with regular CMS collections.

Let me know if you need any more clarification.


Can elaborate on how I can reference my e-commerce items to a CMS collection?