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Connect multiple emails natively

I’m working on a project currently for a law firm that has multiple locations throughout my city, they want people to be able to choose which location they get in contact with by clicking on that locations contact form and connecting it with said locations specific email.

Is it possible to connect more than one email to contact forms natively in webflow or are you limited to one?

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Right now you’re limited to one but webflow has announced a new feature called logic which may show up this quarter and does what you want. Until it’s released I would have no idea what is limitations are. You can read about it as there are links from webflows homepage

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Thanks for that info Jeff. I will have to keep an eye on that future update and find a workaround for now then.

Like was already mentioned @Morse_Code1 new native Webflow features have been announced, currently you are indeed limited.

But… if you need a solution in the mean-time the approach I take is to use Zapier / Integromat for this.

The latter (Integromat) is the more flexible choice. Submit your native Webflow form to that service, add a router module based upon which city was selected, then pop off an email to the correct contact.