Two forms with two different emails

Hello everyone,
I have a contact form that goes to info mailbox, and now I need to create a second form in a different place of the website that goes to support mailbox. So I have two forms with two different mails. Can I do that in webflow? In setting I see only one form.
I will appreciate your help here,

Hey Joanna,

If you are in the Logic beta you can setup when to send to a specific mailadres. If not you can use something like zapier or automate to send it to the correct mailbox using the forms GET and POST settings.


Hi @Joanna1,

@Robbe_Geukens just dropped some sage advice.

Just wanted to followup with some links for you.

You can’t do that natively with Webflow, other than through Logic. It’s in beta and you can signup here.

You can also use Make (Integromat) or Zapier as suggested.

If you use Zapier, they have built-in email (if you’re on a high enough pricing plan) so you can submit Webflow forms to different Zaps and have them go to different emails.

The problem with Zapier is it get’s expensive, fast.

If you use Make, they have an ample free tier and the paid plan is more than reasonably priced.

Make has the ability to connect to your existing (think Gmail) account and send emails through that. So it’s a really good choice.

Hope that helps!