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Confused about Rich Text block

Can you only use h2, h4 and p tags inside the rich text block?

I can’t seem to add an h3 or any of the other heading tags to the block.

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Hello @Veloce,
You can make any type of headings inside rich-text box.

Just type text that you need, then select this text and right above the text will appear menu with all options.


Thanks Sabanna, I was not double-clicking on the element to see the other tags.

Two other things. How do I add an image to the rich text?

Also, I am not able to remove the rich text class that I’ve added (using the ‘Clean Up’, even though I’ve deleted the element from my page. Any ideas?

Create new line by pressing enter and you will see the ( + ) icon on the left side :) Make sure to press that :)

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