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Confused about how this works

So I have my own host and domain, can I connect webflow website to it? Also if I do does it mean all I need is a premium plan and im good to go?

I’m also wondering if I can edit the website outside webflow myself when I own a premium plan?


You have two choices:

1. Design AND Host with Webflow.
You can upgrade and connect your domain from within the site settings of the site you are working on. You can also make use of the Webflow CMS if necessary.

2. Just Design with Webflow, then export your code and do whatever you want with it.
As stated above, you can just use the designer to write your html/css, export, then upload/host your site anywhere you want. You CANNOT make use of the Webflow CMS, it is integrated/managed via their own hosting setup.

Yes, you will need a professional account to export the html/css/javascript produced within Webflow for use anywhere that you want. A personal account will not allow you to export the project.

Yes, if you understand html/css and have no issues wrangling the stuff with a text editor. Your code is as clean as you write it from within Webflow. If you export a site, and host it elsewhere… obviously, any changes you make within Webflow would not automatically carry over - you are then responsible for managing/merging any updates yourself.

So you can probably understand the upside of hosting with Webflow by now. It makes versioning, backups, pushing updates, etc extremely easy and painless right from within the designer - with the added benefit of using the Webflow CMS on your project if needed.


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