Conditional Visibility not functioning properly, or am I doing something wrong?


I’m having an issue with conditional visibility. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if I’m simply not implementing this feature correctly. Also, I can’t post the read-only link right now so I’ll try my best to describe what is happening. Let’s get to it.

I created a collection that includes an “option” menu.

I assigned one of the options from the dropdown to one of the posts.

I go to the template page in the editor and add a button to the bottom of the page.

I select the button, go to settings and add conditional visibility.

Even though the condition is met within the post (“Learn More” is selected and the post is saved) the button vanishes and appears like an invisible element.

When I locate the element in the Navigator panel, and open the settings, the condition is now blank and the value is a string of numbers (image below).

Am I doing this wrong or is this a bug? Also of note is that no amount of “undoing” will bring back the element. Deleting the condition doesn’t bring it back either. I have to completely delete the element and recreate it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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