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Conditional displaying of Collections (CMS)

Hi all,

I’ve looked everywhere, but can’t seem to figure out if this is do-able or not with Webflow CMS. Hopefully someone can provide some insight?

On my Art site, I have a list of all my paintings in CMS. I’d like to add prices to each of them, and since my prices increase every-so-often, I need a way to quickly modify the prices without having to change every single entry each time.

Is there a way to automatically “assign” a price to a certain size? Basically a 9x12 painting is $X, a 16x20 is $Y, and a 24x30 is $Z. That way, when the prices change for my 16x20 sizes, they’ll change for all 16x20’s automatically.

Another thing I’d like to do is if a painting is sold, I’d like the price to change style. Say, red and with a strikethrough. Is this possible? I only see an option to show/hide on condition, but not change the style (unless I’m missing something).

THANK YOU so much in advance!! :slight_smile:

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You could create a seperate CMS collection called Prices which contains the different prices for each size painting.

Then you can add that collection as a reference field in the Paintings collection. You would then have to go through and update all paintings with the selected price (and remove your current price fields). But then you can change the prices easily in the future.

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Hi @LynnUX

Nice friendly site, fits the feel of the artwork just right :slight_smile:

@Phoxic - I think we were typing at the same time! That’s a great idea - so Lynn would ‘get text’ from the prices reference field for her page :+1:

The only other way I can think of is perhaps create ‘categories’ of 9x12, 16x20, 24x30, and then show just the paintings that belong to those categories on a page - so you just change a price once for that category. However that’s quite limiting, and prevents you having a ‘show all’ or ‘picture type’ page, so I would go with @Phoxic idea.

Sold/strikethroughs - I would maybe look at creating a switch/toggle for each painting of sold/not sold. Then style two text blocks on the page, for price. One is styled with a strikethrough or different colour (greyed out maybe) and conditionally visible when ‘sold’ switch is on, the other is conditionally visible when ‘sold’ switch is off…

Hope that helps


Ah, I knew there HAD to be a way to do these but was completely blinded!! Thank you both so very much, your suggestions make complete sense and are very clear and easy to implement! Now, off to work on these changes! :slight_smile:

DONE - and working like a charm!! Thank you both for your help! :slight_smile:

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Great news!

Please give @Phoxic the ‘solution tick’ for the main issue, also helps us to see from the list which issues have a solution.

I’ll settle for just a ‘like’ on mine :wink:


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