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Conditional dynamic link

Hi there,

I have a collection of items, some which have a URL assigned to it, some where this field is empty. I’d like to display all items, but only “link” the actual item IF there’s a URL assigned. I know I can show/hide the text if a URL is present, but I want the text to “always” be visible… I just don’t want the text to link anywhere if the URL field is empty.

Thoughts? I can’t seem to figure out how to do this in the CMS…

Hi @LynnUX, thanks for the post. At the moment, the ability to change the link state for an element via dynamic conditionals is not supported, but I like the idea :slightly_smiling:

I would advise to create a separate text element to display the link. I am happy to take a look further if it is possible to share the read-only link:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Thanks Dave - here’s the read-only link:

The links I’m referring to are in the right-hand “Calendrier” column. For example, the first two events have a website tied to them, while the third one (Grand-Manan en plein air) does not. I’d like for the text to still be there, but not have it link to anywhere…

So what you’re saying is that the only workaround at the moment is to show/hide a separate “visit website” link for each event?

Hi Dave,

I actually just Published the site, and I’ve noticed that the links are now gone for those who didn’t have a URL assigned. Not sure if that’s something you fixed on your end (if so, THANK YOU!!), or if it’s one of those things that just takes effect once a site is published? But anyway, it seems to work great now! :slight_smile: