Conditional Visibility Problem

Hi guys,

So Im running into this problem I have different collection items where I want my client to input each artist but for some hover effect reasons I had to do each collection separately.

The objective is new text blocks for each artist appear every time a new artist is inputted. But Ive made each collection separate for the hover effects…

And every collection is set to start 1 limit 1, start 2 limit 1, start 3 limit 1. And so on. So every time a new artist is created I should go in and edit which doesnt make sense as Ive made it so she can handle it on her own.

What is a possible work around this?

CMS conditional - YouTube ← VIDEO ← Screenshot ← READ ONLY

Let me know if is unclear and can make a new video if you need so…


Hi @Tomas_Alonso great question!

I’m curious if there’s a way to allow that design style with one collection list instead of multiple collection lists. I believe @Nita had built out a similar design before.

Usually using a sort-order field would help you to organize each of those list items.

That said, to hide your empty collection list, you can style the empty state to a 0% opacity as a workaround:

Thanks for the compliment Waldo

Ok sure I’ll do that as of now but In the end I will always have to do the manual work when she inputs a new artist…

Yes @Nita was actually the one that helped me achieving the hover over image based on collection in the first place!

Im sure she will come up with something great.


Hi @Tomas_Alonso

Is this what your are looking for?

Hope this helps! :smile:

Love the simplicity of how this is structured. Kind of matches the simplicity and elegance of the final effect.



Hi @Nita @Waldo

This post reminded me of another from a couple of days ago - where they are looking to create a kind of hybrid auto play slider/custom tab hover.

Would you be able to take a look and see if you think it is possible - the solution in this thread is great for the hover and display part - but they are also wanting the elements to auto slide/play.

In my head I think both are possible - but I think over-riding animations would be an issue…

What planet are you from? Because you are certainly not human

Simply an amazing solution.

Thanks a lot Nita, it really did help!

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That’s very close to what I’d like to achieve in my separate post (Best way to recreate this). I just need to find a way to make it ‘auto-play’ and cycle through each image like a slideshow.

I’m stuck between using the Tabs element or the Slideshow element but neither meet my needs. I don’t know if there’s a way to activate certain slides via another element with an interaction.

Well this sounds complex on completely different scale.

I wish I could helo you through but let alone how much I struggled with this one. Let me know if you do find a solution that be very interesting to see.