Completed Bridal showcase website

Hello all,

I have now finished a bridal website which is now up and running. I’m very pleased to have got my head around the CMS lightbox gallery, with thanks to @Waldo, @sabanna and @vincent for their invaluable help on this and other projects! :grinning:

The initial response so far has been very good, and the website is performing better than the WIX one I did 5 years ago already! :sunglasses:

Your feedback and criticism would be appreciated regarding ease of navigation, design and usability.



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Looks good Mark!

Tiny things: Consider moving the ‘scroll down mouse icon’ on the home page as it almost off the page for me -

Secondly, it still has the Webflow favicon :slight_smile:

Like how the nav shrinks & disappears :+1:


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Congratulations @magicmark :clap::tada: way to go! I’m on mobile right now and the site is looking great :smiley:

I noticed a tiny detail, not sure I’d you added any styles to adjust the Facebook like button height but it’s slightly cut off:

Lovely work :purple_heart::heart_eyes: feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions :grin: I’m here to help

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It’s beautiful! On the homepage, not sure if this was intentional, the section right above the footer has a comfortable amount of padding above the content but below the text is overlapping the footer. But everything worked great for me, very easy to navigate and use. :slight_smile:


Thanks Matt, I’ve looked and admired a lot of your projects so that’s great feedback.

I’d totally forgot about the favicon, so thanks very much for reminding me, and I’ve moved the scroll icon up slightly too.

Thanks again, appreciate your time.

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Thanks Waldo, that’s really nice of you to say!! :grinning:
The facebook button doesn’t appear like that on mine, so I’ll have to take a closer look at that, but glad you pointed it out as it looks untidy. I think there is a browser simulator somewhere online that I should test it out on.

Thanks again,


Thanks for pointing that out Maia. What device were you viewing that on if I can ask? I think it’s that the section is set to 100VH and needs changing to 100% or a set pixel height.

Ah, yes. That would explain it. I’m on a desktop computer 13in Mac.

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