Early feedback for Bridal Website with CMS Gallery

Hi everyone,

I was hoping you would be able to give me a little feedback on the usability of this bridal website. The aim is to make it easy to see images, and for them to contact the store for an appointment.

I haven’t worked too much on the user contact flow yet, so I was hoping for some suggestions maybe. I.e do you like the contact tab on mobile etc?

I’m open to any suggestions/criti… critisism… ummm analysis :joy:

The current project is here…


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@magicmark Oooh I like!

Maybe add more white overlay in the 3rd section, the text is a little hard to read with the background image.

Tip: Add interaction to the bottom arrow, when a site visitor clicks it will go to the section you set it to :slight_smile:

Thank Naweed.

Good point on the arrow, I’ll add a subtle bouncing animation to it to take the user to the next level.
Did you click the bridal link and see any of the images at all?

Thank you for the input, much appreciated!

Hey @magicmark,

You’re very welcome. Feedback is essential for improving the user experience design :slight_smile:

Love the fluidity of the bridal page, beautiful photos and the hover effect is a nice touch.