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MåBra Hälsa - Swedish Gym & Wellness Company

Hi guys!

Just wanted you to show my very first site I’ve built professionally for a client. It’s a medium-sized gym and wellness company based on to location in Stockholm.

I’m happy how it turned out but some pictures are a subject of change as they are old and too small so they don’t fill out the entire space in the tablet and phone landscape modes.

(Site in swedish so it’s probably only @jorn who’ll understand…) :slight_smile:

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Nice, clean, readable, also a good example for perfectly working drop down menus on :hover!
Good job.

Nice! Congratz, Well Done! :smile:

Hi @StevenP, I love the site, good job !

Thanks mates!

@vincent: Yep…the hovers work darn good! :smile:

Awesome - be sure to add it here!

Already added @brryant :smile: