Fullpage.js Website (not finished yet but quite happy with the way it is coming together!


I co-own a gym and have been redesigning our website for a few months using web flow. Previously I had used Wordpress so this was something completely new to me. I had to learn and understand code even though web flow is very simplified you still need some understanding of code to use it as a designer.

Hope you all like it so far, still a few issues with pages etc I need to work on and some help from anyone who could help me disable the full page.js on tablet and mobile few as I have a different layout for these but the full page.js seems to be causing problems.

Any way I still have more to do before its ready to launch but hope you like it!


Super nice! Great consistent look & feel. Great styling throughout. Is going to be a great site @johndvv

Thanks, I didn’t realise how complex our site actually was so it was a challenge to get all the information on there without making it overcrowded.

AWESOME SITE MAN! That’s a great example of how fullpage.js can be used really well with webflow!

Thanks, but I’m having problems when it comes to tablet and mobile views. I have the full page div disabled and the website is just standard scroll sections when on a mobile device but the full page.js seems to be effecting this. Try reducing the screen size and you will see what i mean. Thank you for the kind words :smile:

@johndvv, the only thing I spotted that wasn’t clear first blush was on the coaches layout. I assumed at first that it was only one row deep and didn’t scroll. Something to hint that there is more may be helpful. HUGE did a cool study: Everybody Scrolls and it offers some great insights and approaches to encouraging just that. One I like is to make the content just short of full VH. It isn’t as aesthetically pleasing and clean as full height, but very intuitive.

Really like the simple map pin - good stuff!

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Yeah I had been pondering over the coaches section. I totally agree. I may switch it to a grid based layout that auto responds, similar to the results page. I’m really happy with that page, when I finally upload all the testimonials it should be really easy to use as I have edited the lightbox style to show as a grid.