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Creating a Forum Community in Webflow

I’m currently working on the research stage for a forum website that I need to build in Webflow.

So far I’ve come across Website Toolbox, MemberStack, and Discourse but I was wondering if the community had any other suggestions for creating a forum with Webflow.

I’m leaning towards Website Toolbox as it comes with both the forum and membership options but as I can’t find any demos, I’m uncertain.

If you have any experience using either of these with Webflow or have any other suggestions for how I can tackle creating this forum, I would be grateful!

Thank you.

Just an FYI: You can only use client side forums that can be embedded since you have no access to run server side code.

So, to make sure we’re on the same page: there is no way of creating a forum website from scratch? I can only create one by embedding the forum? Meaning, it will be hosted on another website?

Webflow does not have forum features. Most people use disqus which can be easily integrated but resides elsewhere. A forum like this forum requires forum software and separate hosting. You can learn more about what Webflow can do and third party integrations in the University.

Hello. I would suggest asking me nicely to build it for you. :slight_smile: I will provide you with a working forum and admin panel to uplaod to a hosting provider at a fraction of the cost of what an in the box forum would cost you monthly… :confused:

Hi, I am Anil cofounder of Pensil, we have built a community platform. Currently, we are offering a monthly trial, which you check by visiting

On Pensil you can build your own white label community, with live chat, post-based discussion, private or public groups access, monetize your content as you like, video conferencing and live recording.

Infact with our open SDKs you can develop your own community and let us take care of the heavy lifting backend work.

Looking forward to hearing back for feedback
Thank you

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