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Is Half Dynamic, Half Static Page possible?

Hey there, Thank you in advance for reading and helping!

I would like to create a portfolio site with multiple case studies and I am wondering if I can create half dynamic, half static pages?

  1. For the first half of the page, I would like to use collections to hold my project info (such as hero image, description, project statement, services, role in project…) in dynamic list.

  2. For the second half of the page, I would love to have actual case studies of my process, loaded with images, text, parallax and possibly interactions.

Would this hybrid baby be possible without using iframes?

Note: for clarification, by static I mean without CMS and dynamic content… but will include interactions.

I only know two ways of using dynamic data:
a) Create an child page with existing template (but I will have no flexibility of customizing the work process portion)
b) Use a dynamic list (but this will pull of the contents from different projects in a list form, I know I can filter, but it will require more efforts)

I am just wondering if this kind of page is at all possible? If not, I guess the work round would be creating everything static.

The reason why I would want to implement dynamic content is that some of the content such as category and services will be shared between projects and project listing page and project case studies pages will share the same information such as title, descriptions, services.

You can definitely do this in Webflow

You just need to add a dynamic list to the section you want to have the dynamic data.

Let me know if that helps in someway.