My First Client Webflow site! :)

This is my first real client site using Webflow.

The content is pretty minimal, basically just some text about different artisan cheesemakers then links to each of their sites. (Links not active yet)

I tried to jazz it up a bit by trying out some interactions @PixelGeek used in some of his workshops like the background scrolling effect.

Still have to tackle some of the mobile and tablet layouts but hopefully I’ll get there.

Check it out, feedback welcome


LOVE IT! Such a fun and colourful website.

I’d love to see the cheese pictures … just for the sake of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @nwdsha The different companies themselves don’t have all that great photography or logos for that matter. Perhaps if I can get hold of some I’ll create a lightbox gallery for each one or ghost some images in the background. Maybe another “Slide” at the end for images or video. Now you have got me thinking haha

You’re only limited to your own imagination :wink: @alisisk :+1: