Color values dont match

OK i know there is another thread about this but it’s locked and it didn’t help…

The colors from illustrator and webflow don’t match, I guess I have some color profile attached but in the other thread Vincent recommended changing the color profile (in illustrator) to ‘display’ - edit > assign profile and select ‘display’ but for me there is no option called display, there are like 20 different options called U.S. sheetfeed coated, U.S. web coated 2.0, etc, etc

what am I missing here? (using illustrator 16.0.0) apologies if it’s more an illustrator question but it is at least a webflow specific illustrator question :slight_smile:

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@theprune Color codes always match. how you view them in illustrator vs a browser may not this has to do with your illustrator color profile unless your monitor is calibrated correctly the best setting for this would be sRGB 2.1 or Monitor sRGB .

I am using version 22.1 CC