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Colors not rendered properly


I am working on a project that use a color palette made of grey, black and green.
I use Illustrator and Photoshop to create my content (such as product silhouettes, icons, etc.) but I am experiencing something really annoying.

The colors between Webflow and Illustrator or Photoshop are not displayed the same way. I use the hex code for each color but there is a real difference between the rendered.

For instance, the #9ac0b2 green in Webflow is like a faded green while in Photoshop, it’s showing way for colorful. It’s really annoying since I need to keep color constancy in my project…

Any idea to solve this problem ? What could be the source of this color shift ?


Could be monitor profile in your editing software that is not being applied on the web. Can you share screenshots of these discrepancies?

In Photoshop I was on “RVB - display” color setting.
I’ve seen that a profile “display” should be set, it that correct ?

You would be better of just using “monitor colour” in adobe settings without colour management to be sure you see what other people will see on the web.

Actually, I think I was on that setting.
The “RGB display - monitor” setting was applied as standard (with colors inaccuracy)

The caption says (in short) “sets the RGB canvas as the monitor profile. Photoshop works as if no color management is set”

OK, then can you please take screenshots showing colour differences?

There you go !


Capture d’écran 2020-03-30 à 13.27.20

Capture d’écran 2020-03-30 à 13.30.36

This could be an issue with Chrome, btw. Can you try looking at the colours on other browser? Firefox or Safari.