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Webflow set colour differ from sampled in graphic editor

I am facing a nightmare of styleguide building here.

The colours that I set in WF are different from what I sample in graphic editors (illustrator, photoshop, even paint!). Therefore it is impossible to create a colour guide by making a screenshot of the colours I created in WF and then sampling them in gfx editor to get the hex numbers.

Here is an example. This is from the photoshop. Note the difference in the colour that was set in WF and what is actually being sampled. No idea what the hell is wrong here. The browser I use to build in WF is Chrome. Any insight would be appreciated.

OK, just in case anyone else may stumble upon the similar predicament. New-ish Chrome makes use of “color correct rendering” flag in the settings which turns colour correction on. The inner workings of this are too complicated to delve into but the main thing is: if your monitor has wider colour gamut (all designer-grade hardware) you will not get the right values trying to take a screenshot. Using Safari or Firefox is the solution to get the proper data.

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