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Color Swatch in Symbol moves elements to unwanted locations :(

Color swatcher somehow moves elements to unwanted locations in Designer. :frowning:

How to reproduce error:

  1. Open a project page with dozens (50+) elements and has a Symbol.
  2. Select Element in Symbol (sych as container or div block.
  3. Open BG color swatch.
  4. Click and hold the Opacity Button for a few seconds mouse it up and down 0 100 0 100 percent.
  5. Observe Navigator reposition your elements. :confused:

editing bg color swtahc

instantly switches to navigator??!

sldo, after this happens

UNDO stops working, and its never the intended color when this trips.

Current workaround:

  • DO NOT CLICK DRAG color pallet, click only.

Using Windows 10 Laptop with Symantic Touch

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Hi @miekwave

Thanks for posting about this issue and for sharing the detailed steps to reproduce the issue!

I followed your steps and was able to reproduce the issue. I’ve reported this to our engineers and we’ll look into a fix — thanks for your help!


Hi @miekwave

We pushed a fix for this :tada:

You shouldn’t encounter this anymore :slight_smile:


Bravo @Brando

I am unable to reproduce the error.



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