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Designer Bug - Impossible to move element in canvas within Symbol

Its impossible to move element within a symbol inside designer.

How to reproduce

  1. Create Section called NON-SYMBOL-SECTION)
    • Create Container
      • Create Div Bloick
        • Create Header 1
        • Create Text Block
  2. Copy Original Section and paste it below Section.
  3. Rename new section (SYMBOL-SECTION)
  4. Convert (SYMBOL-SECTION) into a Symbol
  5. Attempt to move Text Block above Header Block in canvas on both sections.

Current workaround:
Use navigator pane and manualy move elements.

Also having issues adding div blocks and text elements into symbols.

Hi @miekwave

Thanks for posting about this issue and for providing these detailed steps.

I was able to reproduce the issue exactly as you described and I’ve reported it to the team. I’ll post back here as we make progress with this.

I did find a workaround though — you can use the navigator to move and add elements within a symbol and it appears to work as expected:

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