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Collections not loading in Editor

I’m noticing that all collections on one site aren’t loading in the editor and just sits there stuck on “Loading blog posts”, for example. In the designer, there a clearly collection items that have been created.


Hey @craigteel!

Thanks for reaching out! That definitely sounds odd… Can you send us a link to your site (See how to send one :slight_smile:) so we can take a look? If you don’t want to share it publicly here - that’s fine :slight_smile: You can hit us up at and attach link to this forum post as well :slight_smile:


Hey @bart,

I’m actually experiencing something VERY similar to this.

The difference is: I see SOME of my images in my dynamic list, but most are simply not showing up. There is no “loading blog posts” on my site though…

Take a look on my ‘Animation Categories Template’ dynamic page. (All images show up in the Designer, but on the actual published page in all browsers the MOST images are missing.)

Here’s my share link:

Here’s the actual published page:

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