I need change a slug CMS page


I would like to edit the URL of a page that belongs to the CMS.
For example, a page that is called “projects” or switch to another name.

I make this change within a common page without problems. But when I make this change within a CMS page is not possible.

Can you help me?


Hi @Marcos_Custodio,

After dynamic collection been created, it is impossible to change slug, there is warning even.
So the only way to change slug is creating a new collection.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

I need duplicate a collection, its possible?

No, there is not such functionality :confused: I am sorry

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No possibility to change the slug or to duplicate a collection – that’s very disappointing.

I’m in the situation that I have to start developing a site before the terminology for the navigation and sections of the site is clear. I would only later be able to finalise how things are called. Right now I’m just guessing. But it seems that Webflow leaves me having to re-create a lot of things in the end :frowning: