Collection pages ans items all driving to 404s

Hi guys,

I have beend trying to contact support for a week but no one is responding…

Can anyone help me fix this bug please? I have 404s for all new collections (pages and items) I have been creating in my project. the only ones that work ate the native ones but all the news ones are dead - no matter what process I use : import / through the interface, etc.)

Even new collections with dummy items are not working. example :

Link to my project :
Example of collection that don’t work :

Can anyone take a look by any chance?

Thank you very much

Looking at your site now. You don’t actually have any collection item pages styled except blog posts though? Your template for visas etc are empty.

You also don’t have a static page at

I think you might be misunderstanding a bit - you don’t get a list over collection items on that page unless you make such a list it first.

And to actually have content from your collection pages you have to style them by going into the templates: