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Cannot use new CMS collections

The new CMS collections literally don’t work. It’s hit and miss, there have been issues before, but after recreating they ended up working (which is still very bad).


  1. Go to CMS Collections in Webflow Designer.
  2. Create new collection, use “Songs” template.
  3. Create 5 sample items (automatically, provided by webflow)
  4. Publish all successfully. (no errors)
  5. Navigate to item in collection → use provided URL (or use as domain).
  6. See 404 “Page Not Found” error.


  • Previously created CMS Collections WORK. They work on our own domain as well as webflow one.
  • I have opened the pages in incognito → no difference.
  • I have created 3 new collections, all don’t work. One of them was a replica of a working collection. (not all templates)
  • I have unpublished and published again, no difference. (I don’t want to unpublish our domain, because I am worried old collections won’t work anymore)

What is going on? Need support on this. We basically cannot use the product.