Collection Page showing all item content, how do I limit to 1?

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I have been over and over the Collection Pages WFU page and I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. I created a blog template and linked to a collection item but when I create a second collection item it displays it on both pages. I tried selecting “Limit to 1, start at 1” but on the second page if I change to “Limit to 1, start at 2” both pages start at 2. What am I missing?? Why isn’t the collection page template automatically creating pages based on a single collection item in the list?

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I’m guessing you’ve put a CMS Collection on to your Collection Page, which is not needed. Collection Pages are already CMS-bound.

In Webflow, you’ll notice that anything colored purple is connected to a Collection. That includes Collection Pages themselves, too.

Here’s the best primer to show you how to use them.

Likely, you can just drag the items inside of your collection up and out onto the page itself. If they’re both bound to the same CMS collection, Webflow is pretty good at recognizing that and allowing you to move objects that way.

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Oh my gosh, I seriously watched that video a dozen times and missed it every time. That was the problem, thanks so much!