Can't link to CMS Collection Pages

I created a page, calles “Newsletter-Archiv” and on this page, I have a Collection List Wrapper, that encloses the whole collection. When I choose one of the items it will always go to the Newsletter-Template, but only the headline will change, but it always shows the same Newsletter. Sorry for my poor English. I hope it still made sense … thank you very much, Jan.

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It seems you’ve got two issues, right?

  1. you can’t get the link to your newsletters to work
  2. on your newsletter template page, you’re always seeing the same newsletter

Issue 1 will be solved by a link block, although @Siton_Systems linked to the link field. From what I’m understanding, you need a link block instead. Link block | Webflow University. You’d add it inside the collection item, drag the elements you want to be clicked into it and then select ‘current newsletter’ as the page to link to.

Issue 2 is caused by you inserting a collection list to the template page. That’s why each newsletter page shows the same content.

Have you seen the collection documentation? This article should be helpful Collection pages | Webflow University.
Rather than adding a collection list and limiting the items shown, you can connect elements on the collection page directly to the cms. That’s because it’s the template page. If you do that, each new page will contain the right information.


thank you … this helped. I changed it now and … the only thing that still didn’t work is limiting the items shown - but at least everything is fine now. I thank you a lot for your answers … Jan.

@SuPraT_e.V yes, that’s because you didn’t implement the second part of the reply. Again, there is no need to have the collection list and then limit items. There is even no need for a collection list on a collection page. That’s why it’s called a collection page. If you look at my screenshot, there is no more collection list added. Re-read my reply. All you need to do is add the rich text field to the collection template page and connect it. It’s that simple :slight_smile: