Collection Lists and Filters

Video explaining the logic issue:

Video in dashboard:

Hey Eric,

I skipped through the vids but I didn’t see much context to help you with your filtering issue.
What filtering solution are you using?

You can do this fine with FS Filter and I’m sure with Jetboost as well, so best guess is you’ve misconfigured something in the setup of whatever tool you’re using.


The videos are super short but that is the best way I can explain it since I am not a Webflow person but I am a developer.

All good, but you missed the key part.

The filter feature you’re describing is not part of Webflow, so how you set this up depends entirely on the tools you’re using.

For anyone to help, they’d need to know what you’re trying to build, what stack you’re using and to see your designer readonly link.

I build FS filter solutions all the time so if you’re using that stack, and unable to find the solution in Finsweet’s CMS filter docs, drop me a line and I’ll give you an estimate.