JetBoost filters - Publishing problem

So my Webflow website is my portfolio on which I showcase a few of my projects. I wanted to create filters to help showcase my different types of projects.

I followed a streaming tutorial (adding filters to webflow cms - Google Search) and followed the Jetboost instructions. On Jetboost’s part, it says everything is fine and working. When I publish my website, all my work is there. Once you click on a filter, everything disappears and it never comes back. This is the core of my website… I used a template I bought on the Webflow community.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
Here is my staging site where you can see the problem: LINK

Hi Kelly, you’ll probably get better support for Jetboost related issues on Jetboost’s own forums or via Jetboost support. Only a tiny % of the users here will be familiar enough with it to help.