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Collection List items can't be targets of Interactions?

Hi! How do I set up my Integrations collection page to allow Interactions to affect individual items in a multi-reference collection list element?

I’ve got two collection lists on the Integrations collection page (within the “A Simplii Better CRM Integration” section) for the Features collection (multi-reference). One list is the meat for each feature referenced within each integration. This list is designed to hide its items except the currently selected feature from the other list. The other list is basically a vertical tab bar designed to show and hide the items from the first list. After playing around a bit, it looks like I can’t target individual collection list items in the Designer with Interactions. If not, I’m missing something. If so, anyone have a better idea of how to set this page up?


Here is my public share link:

For this one you would need custom code. The topic has been discussed previously in the forum:

In this case that I’m referencing they decided to change the approach. Maybe this isn’t what you want but some referencing to others with the same issue could help.

Awesome, thanks @aaronocampo. I appreciate the response.

Seems like everyone having this issue on that thread just goes a different route. I need this section to work like tabs, instead of sending visitors to different pages. So, I’d be curious what ideas folks had for the custom code approach. I don’t see how I could use selectors to target each item in the collection list with Interactions, and anytime I try to specify one item in the list it modifies them all. I could try using nth-child selectors in jquery, but that seems unpredictable since the order of the items are variable and clients are changing the list all the time.