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Anchor links within dynamic content


I’m not sure what I’m trying to do is possible, but wanted to ask in case there was a workaround.

I am building a site that will have CMS functionality for the end user. One of the things I want them to be able to do is add entries into an index (in this case, a list of endangered species.)

I’ve figured out how to create a collection with all the appropriate info, and styled the way the dynamic list looks on the page.

What I want now is to have a list of all the species at the top of the page, with anchor links that will jump you down to the appropriate entry in the dynamic list. For example, when you click under “Click a species to learn more” --> “Ungulates” – > “Addax”, it needs to bump you down to the “Addax” entry in the dynamic list.

However, I can’t select and assign properties, such as an anchor name, to individual entries in a dynamic list, and I also can’t add different link destinations to the links in the index at the top (I can only assign one destination, which they will all share).

So I’d like to know if there is a workaround to this problem. Can I customize anchor links and destinations from the collection side? Can I turn the dynamic list into a static list after all the entries have been generated, so I can add unique properties to each entry?

Thanks for your help.

Note the page I’m referencing is under About --> Conservation Priorities

Here is my public link:

You need custom code for this. Can you publish your site first?

Hi there,

The site is currently published at my URL, but all design and functionality needs to be completed before I publish to the client’s domain.

Can you provide a little more detail on what’s involved with creating the custom code? Is this something that has to be done after all content is created (ie, I can’t make any subsuquent changes?)



Generally, the layout for the links section has to remain the same, because we need to map the index of the clicked link to the index of the section.

*Update: I was able to figure out a better solution by having the index link to individual species pages, rather than trying to display all the species on one long page. Still curious if there is a way to create anchor links for dynamic content if I choose to have them displayed together on a single page, but this workaround should be sufficient for this project.

Thanks for your help Sam.

I’m also interested in how to do this. I’m familiar with the workaround Heather mentioned of pointing the link to the individual dynamic page, but if you can elaborate on the custom code option I’d prefer to go that route.

Site published here.

Public editor link here:

Similar to Heather, I’d like the link on the left nav to connect to the ID for in-page linking.

Much appreciated if you can help.


You just have to make the list on the left a dynamic list with links to the different pages.

I don’t see how this topic will help you, as you don’t have all the content in one page.

@samliew thanks. My original structure was similar to the poster of this thread’s version. I decided to just move the dynamic page detail to a single dedicated page. Thanks though.