Conditional visibility for blog posts

Hey gang! Has anybody found a way of using conditional visibility for blog posts? Using one CMS list, some posts are only visible when the user is logged in, the rest stay visible whether the user is logged in or not?

Hey Max, that’s that conditional visibility is for.
Just apply it to the elements you want to show or hide based on login state.

Hey Michael! Thank you for replying. The example I am thinking of is within one CMS list, I want some items from the list to be visible for member only. Is that possible?

Ah thanks Max, I misread your post.

There is only one set of “elements” within a collection list, so they all have the same settings. For element-level CV, you are gating all of the elements in the Collection List the same way.

What you’re looking for is Collection Item-level gating, which would be configured in the CMS manager, per-item. It is not yet a feature of Memberships.

Thanks Michael! Hopefully they’ll put it in soon, seems basic to be able to mix ‘free’ and ‘paid’ articles.

Agree. You can sort of achieve that with script now;

  • Two collections, one for free, one for paid.
  • Gate the collection pages accordingly, to free & paid access groups

Home page, or catalog page;

  • Create two collection lists, one bound to each
  • Use script to stitch and sort them together.

That will achieve a mixed free-paid view, and actual free-paid content gating as well.

What are you using to log users in & out? Memberstack, Webflow Memberships, something else?

Thanks Michael. I did indeed go down this road, using the Finsweet combine script. Although managing two separate collections has already gotten a little frustrating. Hopefully they’ll add this feature to Webflow natively soon.

Hi Chris! I’m using Webflow Memberships… and using a bit of what I learned following your lessons too. Thanks!

How important is content security to you on these paid articles?
I have a script technique I use for CMS-item-level gating by access group, but if someone were determined enough they could get around the scripts and access your articles.

Based on what you’ve said, I usually opt for simplicity. This isn’t exactly your ask, but it’s food for thought none the less :smile:

  • Create 2 pages, one that’s public, one that is not.

  • On the public page add a CMS Collection list.

  • Set the filter on the Collection list to “public=true”.

  • For all Collection items that you want publicly visible, tag them in the CMS as such.

  • On the gated page, add a second CMS Collection list.

  • Either set the filter to “public=false” or nothing, just displaying all articles.

It sounds like you were wanting this all on the same page, using only 1 CMS list, but I don’t think you can set that for individual CMS Collection List items, unfortunately.

At some point I’d assume Webflow Memberships will have this ability and you could swap this out for that when they do.

Hope that helps!

Chris, Michael – thank you for the responses. All really helpful and interesting, you guys are great. I think for this one I am going to wait it out and hope Webflow add this and a basic function soon enough!

I added this to the Wishlist