Collection item: Set of Images / Unknown quantity

I’d like to have a Collection called Hotels, and for one of the collection items to be a group of images (not displaying as a gallery, but just in a feed-like view within a div.

The issue is, some hotels will have 5 images, some will have 15. What’s the best way to give an Editor the means to add a group of images for each hotel, given the varying quantities?

I don’t think it would be good to just have a separate collection called Hotel Images, and then use that as a multi-reference, as there are dozens of hotels, and that seems a very backwards way to just have hundreds and hundreds of images in the collection–especially when it comes to quick ordering on the page.

Is there nothing better than a rich text field with multiple images in it? There has to be a better way, right?

Thanks in advance!

Bump… any ideas here? Totally stuck on a project, so I’d appreciate it!

Hi, I didn’t see any response so I thought to provide a suggestion.

Since this is going be constantly updated and filled with tons of photos, I wouldn’t use Webflow for this. I would use a web-based photo storage application. Find an image storage that you can pay a small fee to use - maybe even Google Drive. Then you can set up an “Exact” directory/folder structure. Each editor can go add, remove, etc. When editor adjust a photo in PS or something, they can save and upload to the specific directory they know it’s for.

I can see this as a nice fluid process, whereby each person can enter their specific folder and take their time updating images, knowing everyone understands what each directory is for.

Then you can label images in sequence and naturally it will be in a “Grid” within the app, so everyone can see how the images will look side by side online. Plus the sizes, filename, location will display right there. If you use the WF, the image detail must be view in the cms database every single time, it can be a little tedious.

Then when everyone approves of the exact photo order, you can simply upload right from whatever the app’s dashboard is - in order as they appear.

Yeah, I would use a storage repository to manage all these images, then simply get the order approved before uploading to WF. And every editor that enters Webflow will know where it all came from, keeping each person up on the process. And when you delete an image in WF, you’ll still have the respository alignment and structure intact. Just re-upload if there’s a mistake in WF. To get the images in the CMS, you have to do it manually or …

You could set up a spreadsheet with correct order, add the filename into you CSV file and re-import into WF, which can be more automated. Just change the filename in the csv to match the web-based image storage location’s filename … and bam… it’s done!!

Handle it all there first, much easier in my head. Whatcha think about that?