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Multiple images collection

Hey guys,

I am creating a (architectural) site that will have lots of various project pages, each displaying photography of the buildings we’ve designed. Different projects will have different numbers of photos that we wish to use; anything from two or three to about a dozen or so.

Is there a way I can set up a page so it automatically loads the relevant images, regardless of how many there are? It’s going to be a simple gridded layout of images (thumbnails to click on), I just am unsure how to go about this.

[edit] Would setting up a separate collection to the “projects” collection I’ve already set up, titled say “project images” where each collection has multiple images that can be then referenced on a “project” page via a collection list be the way to go? Or would that result in me having to create a new collection per-project?

Many thanks,


Hi @Macker

You can add multiple images for each listing, and then style the page they will show on, but use conditional visibility.

So you have a grid of photos set up ready to populate, but each one only shows when there is an image 3 and image 4 etc present, to populate it.

In terms of thumbnails and expanding (lightbox) have a search on the forum for ‘Custom CMS lightbox’

Hope that helps

There are two options:

  1. a collection item with more images and Alt-Text fields and a reference to the project.
  2. a collection item with 1 image and 1 Alt Text field and a reference to the project.
    Both with the custom lightbox.

Option 1 is easier for the customer
Option 2 is easier for the designer

And yes, where waiting for a Photo Gallery element… With lightbox options and automatic resizing. And integrated to the Rich Text element. So vote on the Wishlist for that!

Let us know what you choose!

Rgds, Koen