Collection CMS URL Issue


There is a sunglass website that I am building in webflow. I have encountered the below issue with regards to the url formation.

I have a static page for vintage collection. So the url would be Now, inside this page are different brands which I have connected via collection list. When clicked on the brand names, the url would ideally be But I want this to be in cms collection. Inside this brand page, I will have different sunglass models which would also be from cms collection. So the url would be Can you help me in guiding how to structure this in webflow?


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Hi Bhavya,

Webflow doesn’t provide the path flexibility you’re describing.
You can create folders, and then place collection pages within them, but that means a separate collection for every brand, and adding a new brand requires designer work, not just a new CMS item.

Pretty quickly you may hit your collection limit, and if you’re using ECom, this may fall apart because you only have one Categories collection and one Products collection.

What I usually do in these cases is reverse proxy the site and add the paths I want so that all of the native Webflow CMS pages are remapped, e.g. /models/model1 becomes /vintage-collection/brandA/model1.

I build these custom for each client, since the needs are slightly different for each, but here are some details if you need this ability in your site.