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Collecting user form data, populating data on website, automatically populating email template before sending


Don’t know if this is possible with Webflow:

  1. Website finds MP after user enters their postcode.
    API: TheyWorkForYou API - TheyWorkForYou
  2. Website form collects entered user data. (Name, email and home address).
    Can Webflow store entered user data?
  3. Website displays chosen MP and user’s previously entered details (No.1 & 2).
    Can Webflow then populate fields with user data?
  4. On pressing SEND, a template email needs populating with the data from No.1 & 2 before it’s sent.
    Is there an Email API that can receive the above data and populate fields, including using the MP’s email address to then automatically send it?

This is an example were this has been done (under ‘Write to your MP’): Medical Freedom Bill | Save Our Rights

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.