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Integrating a 3rd party service to webflow forms (seeking a freelancer as well)

We’re looking at webflow as a replacement to our current CMS. Ideally we’d like to be able to do everything we can in a flat file CMS in webflow which will drastically speed up our ops.

Is it possible to integrate into form fields?

Use case is:

  • User enters postcode in webflow form
  • Dropdown automatically launches and polls postcodeanywhere for a list of addresses related to that postcode.
  • User selects correct address, clicks button
  • Address is passed over to another page (hosted in webflow) and the address is automatically posted in the correct field.

We’d also like to integrate google maps.

Use case:

  • Based on the postcode that the user has entered, Google maps also shows on a map where the users address is.

I’ve also got a few questions regarding how to add additional form validation as webflow’s is significantly lacking.

Another option is to integrate the postcode service into webflow and then have the information passed to a page on a subdomain which is not hosted in webflow. My theory there is that we’ll be able to do a lot more under the hood to get the use cases working.

If you’re freelancer and you’re up for the task please feel free to reach out, otherwise if you have ideas as to how these use cases could be integrated into webflow please let me know!

Thank you!

Anyone interested in working on this?

contact me james[at]

I could help get this working for you.