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Creating a dynamic page from form field data


Does anyone know if it’s possible to use a mutli-step form in Webflow to collect data and then dynamically create a new page (which a user is re-directed to once the form is successfully submitted) that populates with the data entered?

HERE is an example of a website that does this exact thing. If you enter a zip code and then go through the form, you eventually end up on a dynamically created page that displays content based on the data collected from your form submission.

I’m just wondering if anyone knows any tricks! Thanks for brainstorming with me!

There may be a way with custom code. But from a no code perspective Webflow is not the go for this sort of logic. It lacks any scripting and workflow powers. Try bubble.

It is good to stay with webflow if content and design is the priority over the web app logic and function.

Maybe you could use site search and pre-existing options stored in collections to your advantage. So based on the solar site example, create your postcodes / regions collection with all the regions. The user searches for a postcode, clicks a result and lands on the region page with related info , options and so on.

EDIT: actually this might be pretty limited as search will search everything. There is no multiple search types / filters. It would be ok if only the relevant collection page were made searchable.

Thanks @HammerOz. I really appreciate your feedback. I couldn’t think of exactly how this would actually be a possibility. I’ll check out bubble!

I would suggest that you take a hard look at ProcessWire. It’s a CMS / CMF that has this kind of functionality in the core. PHP / MySQL. I use this engine for exactly this kind of site and for more sophisticated dynamic sites that what you can do natively with webflow. I would add it is pretty simple to convert a webflow design over into PW templates. Just avoid bringing over interactions, as they become too hard to maintain.

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