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Google places autocomplete address form field

:wave: HI ALL:

I hope I’m in the right place, I’m looking for help on how to integrate a single field form to collect street addresses, :point_up: BUT as the user types the address, the google API auto fills the address, I know how to do this with wordpress using the plugin, but I have no idea on how to do this in webflow, below is the original site of what we are trying to do, PLEASE HELP ME. :pray: Thank you in advance :fist_right::fist_left:

Original site ( what we need to replicate )

Webflow ( similar example ) ](

The dev of WP plugin know how to do this (You only install the plugin).
By Google Place Autocomplete API (You should know Javascript -or- hire a freelancer).

Google developers:

codepen (country: usa):

First try to create working codepen example. Than move the idea to webflow (Custom code).


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One more custom code in your case. After you fill up the address–> redirect - > the contact-us form is with this data (Later open seperate Q about this idea/issue).

Thank you Siton, google provides the code for this, I just need guidance on where to put it and how to link it to the follow up form when the address is selected, I hope someone can answer this, this feature is getting very popular on sites lately, I would be a good idea if webflow would make a tutorial on this :grin:

Hey Netmen,

I’ve used a platform called Jotform for this before, and works pretty well. It’s a pretty powerful form creator, but they also host a number of 3rd party widgets.
You still need to get a places API key from Google, however you can add a “Place Autocomplete Widget” in Joform, then embed this into your site.

Hope that might help!

Thanks Rory, at this moment above my head hehe, but I will give it a go brother man, thank you :fist_right::fist_left:

I will try to add for you short tutorial for this issue. Some days

Thanks man, Hey would you be willing to complete this task for me once I’m done with my site ?

I will definitely pay you for your time, would you like to quote me ?


here’s what I have so far.

Anyway add thie as seperate Q (Topic)

"How to fill up a form after redirect". // Pass Form Data to Another Form


  • homepage form --> feild: name --> fill up “jon doe” click OK —> redirect to “contact.html”
  • under “contact.html” the field “name” should be “jon doe”

I never try to create this on webflow. Maybe by url parameters.
https://mysite/contact?fullName[jon doe]

Open this topic (Maybe its usefull for other users).

Sinton, cheers pal :fist_right::fist_left: will definitely try this bro :love_you_gesture: