How do you Export Code to get a working website without CMS?

I am complete with my website and would like to export the code and host with a different hosting provider other than Webflow.

I am having issues with exporting code my site in the pro plan. This is the error message I am getting:
Exports Don’t include CMS or Native form functionality

I do resolve to create a functional website if don’t have the CMS?

Is exporting the code only a half-baked solution if you don’t host with Webflow?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @Doug23

Exporting a site, exports the static pages, but not any CMS data:

Hi StuM,
Thank you for sending the info. What do you suggest for a replacement on transferring CMS data?


Hi @Doug23

Best to contact to discuss this matter - I host with Webflow for the ease of updating, security and managing it all in one place, so don’t have experience with the export side of things.