Exporting, css+js file naming convention

Hi, I have multiple sites in webflow. I EXPORT the sites and ALWAYS host myself. However there is inconsistency in how webflow names the generated js and css files upon export (and obviously all the links in the page code).

On one of my sites, when you export it does with its CSS and JS file naming in a way that really helps (but on all the other sites it does not do this)…

How do I get other sites to do the same naming convention as this. In a site you setup a SUB-DOMAIN, such as xxxxxx.webflow.io

When you export, the xxxxx on the one site results in these files:



BUT… for all my other sites (how I don’t want it, and the long-standing convention), it exports as:



Does anyone know why one of my sites is exporting with one naming convention and the others are doing it differently? I can’t work out why. It would REALLY help me for reasons that are too long to type if that first naming convention was for all sites (the second naming convention is the long-standing one that webflow has used for years).

I have done nothing with the settings of these sites for one of them to change the naming convention, but I’d like it to be that new way for all sites, because the JS filename in particular would then be unique, per site.

Could be related to whether a site was published more recently or not. Don’t have any other insight on this at the moment.

I did wonder about that, I will publish them sometimes just to share a preview really, then unpublish them, because I export them and host them when they’re built/updated.

I tried publishing and unpublishing, exporting again, these kinds of things but it remains the same old long-standing naming convention. It’s not to do with when they were created either, as I know they were created at about the same time.

The first time I noticed one had changed to the new way, was after upgrading to this new workspace thing everyone has been forced to use, but regardless there is no consistency on naming structures on all the sites in the account.