Setting-up DNS parameters for Webflow

Hello Webflow wizards,

I’m trying to publish my first webflow site, with a domain name registered with
I’ve followed instructions many times to link those 2 and it keeps failing, even though it now marks “connected” on the webflow publishing tab (see below - but goes back to “issues detected” randomly)

Here is a screenshot of all my DNS records.
I have removed the previous A and CNAME records, changed them to the parameters in the webflow publishing section (even adding the “.” after the CNAME record which caused initial trouble), and kept other previous records (which I believe are for Google workspace)

Now I still can’t access the website, it shows this error “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”

Anyone to kindly help please? All this DNS stuff driving me crazy :slight_smile:


Hi Romain P.
Did you have any luck figuring this out? I am also having issues with my domain connecting. I keep landing on a window that says: ‘DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE’

Hi Romain, missed this, but my first guess is that you do not have CNAME flattening support in your DNS and need to have the www version of your site set as the default.

Can’t say as to the intermittent issues.

Hare you looked here?