Copy and pasting CMS collection from a purchased template to new Website

Hi all,

I am still learning my way around Webflow and thought I’d save time from building some features by purchasing a few templates. Everything was going great bring things into the new website until I started trying to copy and paste any CMS collections.

Every time I paste the collection into the new site I get the binding error on the top right and nothing is brought over from the template. All I see is the thin collection and no content carried over. So I was thinking if I connect the new CMS data to template collection I just pasted it would allow the template to appear. That didn’t work and seamed to cause more problems. Not sure where to go from here.

I feel like I’ve scraped the Internet if to see if there is a solution to this and not finding anything about this. I hope there is a work around this. Would suck if I bought all of these templates for their feautres to find out I can’t use them.

Thanks in advance.

You can’t copy-paste a collection, do you mean a collection list?
If so I’d expect it to copy the elements, but remove the bindings.

You might try migrating over the CMS collections themselves first ( csv export, csv import ) and then, copy paste your collection lists after that. Still I’d expect them to drop the bindings, but re-binding them to the new CMS isn’t too much work.

I meant the collection list. I tried removing the binding. not sure if I am doing this right so I apologize in advance with all of this. here are a few images of the collection list I am trying to copy after I removed binding.

This is the warning I got after I imported the collection list on the new site.
Screen Shot 2022-11-29 at 7.40.48 PM

That was a successful paste message, so it looks like you did everything right and just need to rebind it to your new site CMS.

For the future, when you’re unbinding things, it can be a bit difficult to find all of the filters and such. Here are some notes and tools to help with that;