Struggling to paste CMS from cloneable into portfolio site?

Hey all!

I’m trying to replace a click slider (highlights section of my portfolio website) with a swiper I found from a cloneable.

I modified the cloneable a little bit, just so it now looks like this.

When I take it over into my portfolio site, it looks like this:

Blank. I try to re-link everything under the CMS panel, but it seems when I pasted it over, a few divs were missing (all three ‘slider-info’ divs: top, middle and bottom), and I had this warning when I pasted:

Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 19.25.47

I’ve tried unlinking all CMS content before pasting, and still no luck.

Here’s the cloneable as it stands.

And again, here is my portfolio site (a work in progress). I’d be wanting to replace the ‘highlights’ section with this section.

If anyone has any advice, I’d be so grateful. I can’t see where I’m going wrong! Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve seen some bugs with copy-paste recently.
Try pasting onto a blank page in your site.

What I see happen is, if you already have an element with a class that matches the copied elements class, Webflow will sometimes duplicate your local element rather than pasting the content you copied.

This happens even if you’re copying and pasting between pages on the same site.

Otherwise I’d recommend messaging support, they need to know what bugs are impacting people most significantly.

Ah, that’s frustrating. Glad to know it doesn’t necessarily lie with me though, I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think about what the issue could be.

I tried the blank page, and a new site all together, but still no luck, sadly. I also tried renaming classes, but the same results.

Thanks so much for the advice anyway, I’ve contacted support!

Same here with copy/paste. I’ve taken the recommended steps to clear cache, etc.
What I’ve noticed is: If I copy a div from one page to another, the contents don’t transfer.
Example: I have a div with css name “product-tile”. This div has a number of unique elements inside of it like a product image, unique text etc. If I copy and paste this div into another page that already has a div called “product-tile”, pasting simply creates a repeat of the tile already on the page… and not the original one I’ve copied from a different page. My workaround is to clear the css name from the parent, copy, paste into the new page, then reapply the css name to it. Very annoying process.

That’s so bizarre. It is a relief to know I’m not alone in this, though. Let’s hope they sort it soon!

That’s actually a great workaround, I’ll try wrapping my items in an unclassed DIV before the copy to see if that works next time. A bit cumbersome, a 2 step copy/paste becomes 6 steps, but it’s clean and repeatable if it works.