CMS subcategory help needed

Hi. I would try and explain myself the best I can.

So, I’m designing a product catalog website for a client. Computer parts and other devices.

I created the CMS structure like this: product page/product detail you can check that HERE

I did this structure for every product category on the site.

The problem is that now the client wants to add another “level” or category on the product, so the structure will be: product page/product color/product detail

I read that I can do that with the reference field, but I don’t know how to integrate that with i have done so far. How can i link the collections?

I created a Collection for products. I also created a collection for categories and subcategories but I don’t know how to bind or link them with the products.

what he wants is this structure

can you help?

ps. the first and share links are from my webflow account where i’m doing all the testing and experimenting, here’s the client’s:

thanks a lot

Here is my public share link: LINK

Hi @mao,

First off congrats on getting as far as you did.

Secondly, let’s see if I can help you out with this next step. So you want to be able to add a color category and not sure where/how to add that? So you would have your main products. Then you would have your separate subcategories:

Chassis > ATX, Mini-ATX, Micro-ATX, etc.
Color > Blue, Green, Purple, etc.

You aren’t really adding anything different to your products. You would just need to add another reference field to the Products themselves.

Also, is this just being used for reference or are you wanting to use the e-com side as well? If that is the case you will want to make your products and categories under the cart tab and NOT the CMS tab.

Hope that helps, lmk if you need anything else.

Happy Designing,

mmm yeah, we’re not using the e-com features…

I have a reference field already in the products, but my question is, how do i create a collection page featuring just the product colors and also that page must come from the first level, in this case ATX, MINI ATX etc.


Thanks for answering! really appreciate it!

This is exactly what they want:

level one:


I have this sorted out with the Tab Component and CMS filter

level two:

Product Color

This is where it gets tricky for me. Here I’m showing that specific product color variation and model number and a link (button) to the product detail. I don’t know how to create this page and that it links with the previous level. In my mind I picture it like a collection page nested inside a collection page, all I need is a little guidance here on how to work with the reference field and collections list for this particular case (my designer logic can’t figure this out)

thanks a lot @QA_Brandon


Hi @mao,

There is a few different route to go here. You could create 3 reference categories: 1. Chassis Size (Mid Tower, ATX, etc), 2. Product (aura, etc.) 3. Color (purple, pink, etc).

Ok, Im gonna have to come back to this in a more logical way, later.

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Thank you @QA_Brandon

I would really appreciate this!

No for CART features u would have to at min get the base ecom hosting plan!

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got it!

yeah, I figured that as they’re not using e-commerce features (they’re not selling anything online) it’s not necessary for them to buy the e-com site plan. But perhaps the E-com structure is already set for what they want. anyway, it’s too late now, I have to work with what I have which is the CMS plan.