Editor and domain staging name not showing the same pages

Hi All,

I have built a website through Webflow and found that pages in my editor are working great but when i publish through my staging domain they don’t appear. The 404 message appears instead.
Is this cause i need to purchase a CMS plan? or it doesn’t matter when you launch your site though you staging domain?
Can someone help?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Tom, your message is a bit confusing,
I’m not clear on what you’re trying to do or where you’re having problems.
But this might help clarify.

The designer allows you to publish to staging (webflow.io) or to both staging and production (custom domain).

The editor is really designed primarily to work with the production domain. It can be used with your staging domain, but it’s a bit trickier to access. You must invite an editor, and then they must access your webflow.io with with ?edit. As the designer, you don’t typically have a separate editor account, and therefore cannot easily choose whether you want to edit staging or production through the editor.

If you publish a site to staging only, those changes will not appear on your production site, and therefore won’t appear in the production editor.

There’s a further complication here in that sometimes if an editor publishes a change, Webflow might decide to publish everything from staging to production… which can be a disaster if you’re mid-feature-build.

Thanks heaps mate,
Apologies for the confusing message. I’ll see if i can make it clearer.
In the design editor all pages work and show up when clicked on, but when i publish it and test my page through my staging domain not all pages show up.

Ah if you’re talking about CMS pages, click on the CMS page settings ( not the collection settings, the collection page settings ), and make sure publishing is on.

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Hey mate,

Thanks for the help. What you suggest was right. I just had to turn on publish to my CMS pages.