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CMS Post Body-Having trouble indenting a numbered list

I am having trouble indenting a numbered list. I want the numbered list to indent from a bullet list. I have provided screenshots of the text I copied in Google Docs of which was copied and pasted into the CMS POST BODY, and also a shot of what actually renders on the preview.

Really do not know why it won’t accept the Goodgle Docs format.

Please advise,


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Hi @Ron,

Sorry to see you are having issues with your rich text field.

Within Webflow, the RTF box only has the ability to create one level of bulleted lists.
on a static page you can fake this, but using a field on a bulleted list to act as a second-level bullet list, but it really isn’t.

At this time, you will only be able to do one level of bullet lists within a rich-text field.

Well that sucks. Thank you.

@WebDev_Brandon has there been any updates to this since Sept 2019 that you can share? It would be great to have a simple word-processor like function to indent a bullet point at least 1 or 2 levels.

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Hi Garet,

Outside of custom code you may need to use some imagination when creating bullets/numbers on more than one label Have you reviewed this video from PixelGeek on Styling RTE fields: How to Webflow: Styling Rich Text Elements for Webflow CMS template pages - Tutorial (2019) - YouTube