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Hey Guys

Pretty new to Webflow but I am having an issue with inserting bullet points into the CMS of my portfolio.

When I put the bullet points into my CMS rich text field it comes out as blank on my designed webflow pages.

Can anyone help with this as it is super frustrating!??

I have attached some pictures and link to the preview of it below:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Thomas_Macfarlane,

Welcome to the Webflow community. Congrats on making your first post. Let’s see if we can’t get you fixed quickly.

After reviewing your site, it looks like your List item is formatted for white and needs to be formatted for the rich text field.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

Hi there.

  1. Create somewhere a List

  2. Select a List Item

  3. Click to selector field and choose All List Items

  4. Go to text color and reset it or change to another color

It will affect all lists which are included in rich text blocks.

Hey Brandon and Nick

The response time of both your messages is UNBELIEVABLE. Both of your solutions work perfectly and I am so happy this is my mistake and not webflow. Brandon thank you so much for going even further and suggesting some design tweaks.

I realized the reason I had all those settings was because on my home page the list items were in white and to the right-hand side and it was not in a combination class which meant it changed all list items!

Thank you very much for your responses they are greatly appreciated. Tremendous service!

Tom =)

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